ABOUT LED ZONE: Your Professional LED Display Manufacturer and Supplier in Kuwait.


LED ZONE is one of the only Kuwait’s leading LED display factory in Kuwait with fastest assembly line that increases our capacity to deliver Best Digital Screens to our customers in the shortest possible time.

What sets us apart from other LED display/Digital Screens manufacturers who offer commercial screen solutions is that we are one of the most established manufacturers that is exclusively dedicated to the Commercial Display and Digital Signage market in Kuwait. Using our years of industry expertise, we are fully equipped to provide complete turnkey solutions; developing software to be used alongside the hardware which makes us the top market player for Led Display Supplier in Kuwait for Outdoor and Indoor Led Displays.

The company has been expanding business development in depth and breadth and enhancing its capabilities to develop into a strategically controlled internationally famous enterprise with diversified business operations. We adapt our inventory to plan and plot the ideal LED screen and video display wall at competitive prices, alongside maintenance all over Kuwait and Digital screens/Led Display supplier in Middleeast.

Why Led Zone?
  • One-stop LED Display Solution provider
  • High-quality Indoor and Outdoor Digital Screens
  • Customized Digital screens/Led Display with Wireless control powered by 4G
  • Energy efficient and durable as the screen will automatically adjust to suit ambient light improving screen viewing quality and saving in power consumption.
  • High Quality standard for color, brightness and sharpness, these LED modules will increase attention anywhere.
  • Digital Screens Maintenance with reasonable price
  • Clear cost initially to save your time and money.
  • Provide with innovative and satisfying products.
  • Excellent product quality, quick and professional services.
  • Always ready for your any change on LED display details.
  • Recommend the best proper solution for your Digital Screen projects.
  • Catch things what you missed before LED display production.
  • Take good care of each detail for your products, packages, shipping and Digital screen/LED Display Installation.

LED screens

LED screens, are one of the modern technologies in displaying advertising and promotional images and videos. They are characterized by high-definition quality with 3D technology. Ad Zone provides 4k resolution one of the best advertising screens in Kuwait. It is characterized by ease of installation, transportation, and display of content in it, and its uses are often for exhibitions. And shops.

LED screens

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Best Al-Yousifi



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Old Projects

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