Tokinomo: The Shopper Marketing Robot

We are re-inventing how brands engage and inspire consumers to buy in the new normal.

In-Store Activations (Tokinomo)

A New Kind of Point of Sale Marketing: Robotic Display

For decades, retail has relied on the same-old in-store marketing and visual merchandising techniques to increase sales. Take a walk through a nearby grocery store and you’ll find display booths, product demonstrations, and product sample offers. Not only are they competing for customers’ attention but also struggling to reach sales increases over 20%.

Tokinomo is different! With its innovative combination of light, sound and motion technology, our robotic interactive display helps products move (and maybe even dance) ahead of the pack to reach sales increases of 200% or more!

How Tokinomo Robotic Solution Works:

Tokinomo transforms the shop aisle into a miniature theatre stage — with your product as the star!

Our robotic device' combination of lights, motion and sound technologies allows you to design a fun, engaging experience for shoppers that can be customized to communicate your FMCG brand benefits while increasing product awareness and sales.

  1. Tokinomo robotic devices have a built-in motion sensor that detects shoppers approaching your product at the shelf. Next, shelves become speaking shelves.
  2. Our robot instantly brings your product to life and starts engaging the shopper through motion, speech and light. Your product moves and speaks to the shopper.
  3. Shoppers buy your product and form a lasting positive impression of your brand. Also, we provide analytics about the total audience and the number of device activations for each campaign.

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PR News about the Partnership between Tokinomo and Ad Zone

Published on 25 July 2022. News link:

We are excited to announce that our shopper marketing robot, Tokinomo, is coming to Kuwait. AD-zone, our newest partner, is going to offer innovative in-store marketing solutions to its customers.

Brands and Kuwaiti retailers can now implement innovative and creative shopper marketing campaigns to attract and engage customers right at the point of sale. Because AD-Zone noticed the need for a better, more engaging in-store advertising solution, the company decided to distribute Tokinomo in Kuwait.

Mohammed Mostafa, CEO of AD-Zone, said:

"We are very delighted to Welcome & add Tokinomo robots - an influencing in-store retail solution as part of our services. As a Media & Advertising firm, we at AD-Zone Kuwait, always believe in upgrading our services with the best modern approach as per market demand.

This innovative in-store solution experience will definitely add value for planning up marketing strategies for our clientele. Once again, we are thrilled to announce Tokinomo as our exclusive partner in Kuwait."

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